Best WordPress courses on Udemy 2021 – Basic to Advance

Best WordPress courses on Udemy

WordPress courses are one of the hot topics in the market. As WordPress is the fastest growing and most popular CMS (Content Management System), its demand is increasing day by day. We will help you discover, the most popular and best WordPress courses on Udemy, so that you don’t have to invest your precious time in this.

Udemy courses are one of the most popular and reliable sources of learning almost any type of skill. All Udemy courses are very well structured and are available for a lifetime once bought. There are several WordPress courses on Udemy, that fall in the category of bad, good, and excellent.

We have listed these Udemy WordPress courses on the basis of high-quality content, user reviews, no. of students enrolled, and the teaching capabilities of instructors. Here is the list, of best WordPress courses on Udemy:

Best WordPress courses on Udemy:

1. The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

This WordPress course is fully Project-based. No coding or programming experience is required. All the projects are controlled through plugins and a WordPress dashboard.
In this Udemy WordPress course, you will learn to create commercial sites using WordPress and then sell them to clients. Go through, how to work with plugins, premium themes, etc. By purchasing this course, you will get direct support from the instructor for your queries. You will also get a certificate of completion for this course.

Features of course:

1. Duration: 22 hours
2. Resources: 19 articles
3. Projects: Blog Style Homepage Site
4. Corporate Style Site
5. Scrolling Homepage Site
6. E-commerce Site
7. Total Students enrolled: 1,764,338 Students

Average Rating: 4.5/5
Last updated: Dec 2020

2. WordPress for Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step (Highest Rated)

This WordPress course is my personal favorite as it is created by my fav teacher Brad Schiff. This is the highest-rated course for WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) in Udemy.
This WordPress course on Udemy is a boon for beginners. The way Brad Schiff explains each concept step by step is commendable. A complete beginner with no prior coding or WordPress knowledge can easily go through this course.
In this Udemy WordPress course, you will go through multiple steps of website development using WordPress. The instructor will teach you how to develop a fully functional WordPress website using a dashboard and plugins.

Features of course:

1. Duration: 5.5 hours
2. Projects: Fully functional WordPress website.
3. Total Students: 13,285 students

Average Rating: 4.7/5
Last Updated: Jun 2020

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3. Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

This Udemy WordPress course is the advanced version of the previous course by Brad Schiff. In this course, Brad Schiff uses PHP to develop WordPress sites. All the website development in this course is done by embedding PHP code in WordPress. Anyone with basic WordPress knowledge can start this course without any hesitation.

WordPress is built over PHP and it also offers development through it. WordPress has pre-defined PHP functions that can be used to create a powerful website. Combining WordPress with PHP code can unlock so many features, that are not available in basic WordPress.

Brad Schiff created this course to make a beginner, a Professional WordPress Developer. You will learn how to customize the WordPress dashboard, how to use REST API, deploy the site on live servers, and so on. This course is the best WordPress LMS for you.

Features of course-

1. Duration: 26.5 hours
2. Projects: Fully functional website using a custom theme
3. Total Students: 56,473 students

Average Rating: 4.7/5
Last Updated: Oct 2020

4. How To Make a WordPress Website – Elementor Page Builder (Short Course)

Elementor is a website builder for WordPress. It is one of the most popular and highly rated tools for developing beautiful websites on WordPress.
Darrell Wilson created an Udemy course on using Elementor on WordPress websites. This is a short course but is long enough to cover all the important aspects of Elementor. You will learn how to create pre-made layouts, how to use drag and drop modules, and so on.

Features of course-

1. Duration: 1.5 hours
2. Projects: Designing Blog using Elementor
3. Total Students: 44,000 students

Average Rating: 4.4/5
Last Updated: Dec 2019

5. WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

WordPress theme development is one of the popular jobs in the website development market. This tutorial covers WordPress theme development using Bootstrap, created by Brad Hussey and Code College. This is one of the best-sellers WordPress courses on Udemy.

Theme development needs creativity, not everyone can come up with ground-breaking ideas. A creative mind like a graphic designer, web designer, etc. can enroll in this course to earn a side income from their creative skills. WordPress themes have a very high demand on the internet. There are various platforms like ThemeForest where you can sell the developed themes.

In this course, you will go through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create themes using bootstrap and then using that theme to create a live website.

Features of course-
1. Duration: 12 hours
2. Projects: Creating WP Theme using Bootstrap
3. Total Students: 47,902 students

Average Rating: 4.4/5
Last Updated: Jul 2016

So, this was the list of best WordPress courses on Udemy. If you also check out the 5 best YouTube channels to learn web development. I will come back with details of various courses that you can enroll in to skill up. Comment down below, the courses you want to learn about. Thank You.

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